4 Answers To Tell You Why The Price Gap Of Digital Printers Is Large

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Update time : 2022-06-09 09:48:37

  Now, digital printing machine equipment has been widely used in many industries. Therefore, many friends consider buying digital garment printing machine equipment to produce products. In the investigation, many people put the price of the equipment first, and the quality is regarded as secondary. Such thinking is very dangerous.
  Po-try, as a professional manufacturer of digital garment direct-injection printing machines, we stand in the neutral position of customers and manufacturers to analyze why we can't just look at the price when buying digital garment printing machines, and we can't covet cheap digital garment printing machine equipment.
  Why can't you buy too cheap digital garment printing machine equipment?

1. In the same digital garment printing machine, we first take the Epson print head digital garment direct-injection printing machine as an example:
  The unit price of Epson TX800 and XP600 printheads is about $200, the service life is 1-2 months, and the printing speed is one-third of that of Epson I3200 printheads. Epson's 5th generation print head is about $900, and the 4750 print head is about ¥800, and when these print heads are used normally, the lifespan is about 8-10 months. We calculate that the life of xp600 is two months and the life of i3200 is 10 months, and the speed of i3200 is three times that of xp600, i3200 can have 15 times the production capacity of xp600. (The above lifespan is taken from the average length of time that Epson printhead consumers use the printhead correctly)
  A machine is generally equipped with several nozzles, and the price difference is very obvious. Therefore, it is also very normal to configure cheap printhead equipment at a low price.

  In the case of the same print head digital printer, the equipment price is very low, is the equipment quality guaranteed?
  Answer: Quality is not guaranteed.
  For example, Epson i3200 print head digital garment direct-injection printing machine, the price of some manufacturers is  ¥2200, and the price of some manufacturers is $1700? Why is the difference so big?

The reasons are as follows:

2. Guide rail and rack, treadmill digital printing machine, the general is a linear guide rail plus a rack, using two linear guide rails plus a rack, more stable! In terms of the use of guide rails, Japanese THK, NSK, Taiwan Shangyin, Chinese Nangong, Hanjiang, etc., sometimes the price difference of a one-meter guide rail is about $75, and a machine of 6 meters needs 12 meters. An ordinary slider is $15 a piece, a slider with high precision, high-temperature resistance, friction resistance, and low sound is more than $90. A machine can measure 8 less, and more than 10 sliders. These are reflected in the price, but also determine the service life of the machine, the accuracy of printing, and so on.

3. After-sale: Inexpensive machines make it impossible for printer suppliers to set up an excellent after-sale team. Digital printers are very sophisticated machines with many parts. There are many precautions from assembly to printing, and after-sale assistance is required.

4. Stability enhanced machine base:
A stable frame can provide long-term stable and high-precision printing without blurring the printing, and a stable frame often increases the price of the machine, but it is ignored by consumers. Many businesses will use this to save costs, resulting in the successful operation of the printer. Various unsolvable problems appeared after a while.

  Therefore, when one looks at the equipment, if one only looks at the surface and thinks that it can print, then one can choose the cheapest equipment. As for the performance of the equipment, how about here? Then there is no guarantee.
  As the saying goes: you get what you pay for! This is the truth that never changes!

  From the consumer's point of view, they want to buy the best product at the lowest price. However, in practice, it is difficult to achieve. Because the manufacturer is not a charitable organization, without certain profit support, the manufacturer does not exist, let alone an excellent after-sales team.
  Of course, there are also some small manufacturers in the digital garment printing machine industry, with 3-5 people in partnership, and the equipment price is very cheap, but small manufacturers may break up at any time. The equipment has no quality assurance, and no after-sales service, and it may close down at any time. In the future, the equipment has minor faults and no one repairs the equipment. Calling an outside master to repair it will be a sky-high repair cost.
  Buying equipment, like buying any product, requires ultra-low prices, so it is impossible to require high-quality equipment; if you buy ultra-low-cost digital printing machine equipment, the profit of the manufacturer is too small, and the after-sales service will be greatly reduced.

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