TSCI Exhibition of PO-TRY

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 TSCI Exhibition of PO-TRY

The 6th Guangzhou International Digital Printing Industry Application Exhibition of TSCI

      The emergence and development of digital printing technology have promoted digital production, marketing, and production models, enabling personalized needs to be quickly and effectively responded to, thereby catalyzing the growth of the personalized clothing and home textile markets and making it possible to generate equivalent high profits; And the revolutionary technological innovation of digital printing will greatly expand the pattern design and quality range of textile printing, thereby expanding new market space for enterprises such as clothing and home textiles at the lower end of the industrial chain.


PO-TRY is a China National High-Tech Enterprise that integrates R&D, production, market, and service. 

    PO-TRY has been focusing on the manufacturing of digital printing equipment for 13 years, providing one-stop overall solution for digital printing. Modern production workshops, standardized, refined, and process oriented management, ensure efficient and high-quality product production, A dynamic R&D team and a professional after-sales service team provide full support to customers throughout the entire process.


24 Print Head High Speed Polyester Fabric Sublimation Digital Printer
1.EPSON i3200-A1 print head
2.THK SS+mute guide rail
3.Industrial servo driven reducer
4.15L Large Continuous Ink Supply System
5.Pneumatic rubber roller lifting structure
6.Reinforced beam

2 Print Head Film Case Sublimation Printer
1.EPSON i3200-A1HD print head
2.Eight color programme
3.NSK High precision bearings
4.Brushless integrated servo motor
5.THK SS+mute guide rail
Front and rear heating

Double Station DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing Machine
1.Double station white color ink simultaneous design
2.Industrial grade print head
3.Big printing area
4.The print head can be disassembled for cleaning or maintenance
5.RIP software available on the market is optional
6.Low frequency of print head cleaning

UV DTF Sticker Printer 
1.Integrated printing and lamination
2.Bidirectional collision avoidance of printing components
3.THK mute guide rail
Intelligent warning brake motor

5.Integrated scraper
6.Adjustable UV light

Sincere invitation

We sincerely invite you to participate in the TSCI 2023 International Digital Printing Industry Application Exhibition to visit our booth.

This exhibition PO-TRY has many service,in additional provide machine and solutions personalized customization experience,free sample, and exchange forum hosted by industry associations and authoritative departments. Welcome everyone to visit and communicate together.


Our address in TSCI is D05. From August 13th to 15th, with more discounts and surprises waiting for you.

Exhibition Livestreaming Plan

We plan to officially launch the livestreaming of the exhibition from August 13th to 15th,
with the planned time from 9am to 12am Beijing time and from 2pm to 6pm Beijing time.
We hope that friends who are interested in our products can visit us during this time
period by searching for PO-TRY on Alibaba and clicking on the official store to watch our livestreaming and interact with us!

Production Experience
   Provide Service For
     Factory Area

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