Guangzhou Textile and Printing Expo I PO-TRY New Products Shine Brightly

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Guangzhou Textile and Printing Expo PO-TRY New Products Shine Brightly

        From May 20th to 22nd, the 2023 Guangzhou International Textile and Apparel and Printing Industry Expo successfully concluded at the Poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou. PO-TRY arrived as promised with seven products, especially the three newly launched products, which became the most eye-catching focus of the audience.

Intelligent, green, personalized. The theme is upgraded again, activating the new vitality of digital printing

    In recent years, under the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, digital printing has surged forward, and the integration and application of various cutting-edge technologies in products have accelerated the development of the digital printing industry and promoted the digital upgrade and transformation of printing.
      In the wave of intelligence, greening, and personalization, more and more new products that meet the changing needs of manufacturers are born. In order to create an immersive exhibition experience and provide convenience and interaction for users, this exhibition highlights innovative technology, function upgrades, minimalist and exquisite, industrial-style new models, and popular mature models as the focus of the exhibition. At this exhibition, PO-TRY broke the record for exhibiting products, with seven products on display, a strong lineup that attracted everyone's attention.

Stars of the future. 

       The twenty-four-head compatible version of the high-speed industrial machine is known as the "ceiling" of digital printing, supporting 24 to 36 heads application schemes.

      Widely used in clothing, home textiles, masks, underwear, pillows, swimsuits, carpets, bags, and other printing. Features: The product uses 24 original Epson I3200 industrial-grade printheads; simple and atmospheric solid German body design advantages; adopts advanced magnetic levitation technology: no contact, no friction, ensuring long-term high-precision stable operation; industrial servo drive motor: faster acceleration, more stable operation; 15L super large continuous ink supply system: long-term printing without ink interruption, no flying ink; pneumatic roller lifting structure: newly strengthened crossbeam, fully enclosed printing platform, superior printing quality. High precision and high efficiency: more than 600 meters per hour, and daily production capacity can reach: more than 12,000 meters. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, meeting the market's demand for green environmental protection, fast fashion, high production efficiency, and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Fashionable Guangzhou, summer carnival season

"Four best-selling products, three new products" enrich product structure, and create a "multiverse" of exhibition experience.

      The Guangzhou Textile and Printing Expo is a platform for inheriting and initiating, interacting, and interacting and providing new products, new technologies, and new solutions for the industry's supply chain. PO-TRY is a digital printing brand with a high market share in South China. The only hanging advertisement in the audience highlights the brand's advantages and high regard for the exhibition. In response to consumers' personalized needs, this exhibition focuses on dynamic experience, and customers can make on-site samples according to their own process requirements and technical requirements, and compare effects.

"Multiple Strategies" Release of Stacked Preferential Policies

      On-site contract signing support is provided during the exhibition. In order to help more industry clients to transform and upgrade, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and enhance the benefits and competitiveness brought by products, PO-TRY supports machine replacement, new machine experience, gift of consumables, personalized customization plans, and lifetime maintenance, and can provide a variety of superior supports such as financial schemes. Multiple customers signed contracts on-site and enjoyed discounts at the exhibition. Based on various discounts, it meets the machine equipment needs of customers from multiple dimensions, helping them to make a profit.

PO-TRY 3.0  Full-scale and Three-dimensional Efforts

      Product research and development, management upgrade, and customer empowerment "firmly follow the brand route and high-quality development route." At this "major change unseen in a century," PO-TRY launches the 3.0 mode, paying more attention to the upgrade and optimization of applied products in research and development, optimization of functions, performance, cost, and the new products are more in line with the demands of being green and eco-friendly, and intelligent and efficient.
     PO-TRY spares no effort to make unremitting efforts for the high-quality development of the digital printing industry and industrial clusters! Advance innovatively!

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