5 Things to Know About DTF Technology

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5 Things to Know About DTF Technology



Direct to film printing is a unique printing technique that involves printing designs onto special films for transfer onto garments. DTF printing is a heat transfer process that can last as long as traditional silkscreen prints but is more colourful than traditional screen print. Below, we discuss five things you should know about DTF technology before implementing it in your business.



1. Quality Equipment Is Essential

If you own a printing business, 

you already know that the quality of your work is only as good as the quality of your printers and inks. This is even more true when it comes to DTF printing. Like other heat transfer processes, its critical that you invest in a quality printer and heat press for optimal results.


High-quality inks are also needed to ensure that the print head wont clog. We recommend inks that are formulated exclusively for DTF printing, where quality assurance is better due to rigorous testing. PO-TRY offers the DTF ink with high colour density and saturation, excellent performance, and durability.


2. Not All PET Films Will Cut It

DTF printing requires PET film, but that doesnt mean every type of PET film is


fit for the DTF process. For best results, choose printable cold peel release film. Lower quality untreated films may be less expensive, but they simply dont match the performance of cold peel filmthey may smudge, not accept the adhesive, or ruin your garment. Cold peel film is specially treated to withstand the high temperatures and pressure of a heat press; its also compatible with all desktop and large format printers. This film can be purchased as a cut sheet or in rolls for larger operations.


3. Choose an Adhesive Wisely

Printing on cold peel film cannot be transferred directly to a garment. Instead, hot melt adhesive must be used to help the pattern adhere to the fabric. At po-try.com, we offer a unique adhesive for DTF printing that is durable enough to withstand up to 50 hand washes, all while keeping the transfer feeling soft. Theres no foul smell involved, and excess can be stored and reused.

The adhesive we used to help the pattern adhere to the fabric is called hot melt powder or DTF powder, we have more specifications of DTF powder,  you can choose the specifications of powder according to the pattern you printing.



4. Fabric Doesnt Require Pre-Treatment with DTF Technology


One of the many advantages of DTF printing is that garments do not require any pre-treating in order to accept a transfer compared with DTG printing. This can streamline your operations and potentially lower your costs. Overall, the DTF printing process is quicker and requires less labour than DTG printing.


5. DTF Printing Offers Greater Versatility

When printing directly to a textile, your options are limited. DTF gives you much more flexibility, as you can transfer to a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, silk, leather, and more.


Learn More About DTF Technology

All Print Heads is ready to assist if youd like to learn more about DTF technology. We can help you learn whether its the right fit for your printing business and the benefits of using this type of technology. Contact our printing experts immediately at [email protected] or browse our selection of DTF printing products on our website.

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