Congratulations to Fespa Mexico 2022, biggest textile printing exhibition

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Update time : 2022-09-28 10:59:00
FESPA Mexico is an event dedicated to the professional printing industry, attended by more than 11,000 people from Mexico and Latin America, which brings together new applications and solutions for large format digital printing, textile printing, dye sublimation, apparel decoration and signage Program. Digital printing technology can be used in the textile and footwear industries to reduce costs and waste by producing individual products with greater precision. Despite the challenges brought by 2021, FESPA Mexico 2022 is a leading event that continues to support the graphics industry, where digital textile printing equipment, large format printers take the stage.

On the other hand, this edition of FESPA Mexico hosts seminars, conferences, workshops and competitions to discuss the current market trends, innovations, business and application prospects of the project for other markets at the national and international level. Experts from different disciplines exhibit on issues such as sustainable printing, eco-friendly materials and practices that can be added to industrial manufacturing processes.Exhibitors of all sizes from all sectors of the show expressed their delight in returning to the FESPA live event, with many commenting on the energy they felt at the show and bringing positive feedback to their participation. 

Michael Ryan, Head of FESPA Global Print Show, said: "Ultimately, we can provide exhibitors and visitors with a full FESPA experience that makes them feel like they are back in form, and everyone agreed that the atmosphere at the show was incredible. Pandemic Every industry has changed, and printing is no exception, but this show has proven beyond doubt that print is resilient, agile and future-focused. Our tagline promises 'Print In Motion' with incredible Forward momentum and commitment to positive progress in areas such as sustainability.”

Over 60% of visitors have final buying rights or influence, with many exhibitors mentioning high-quality connections and conversations and leaving at FESPA 2022 with confirmed sales, new distribution partnerships and strong is our presence in a An event where you can meet customers from all over the world. We also use the show to make new connections, keep tabs on industry developments, gain inspiration, and share experiences with other exhibitors. "

The response from visitors was equally positive, with delegates praising FESPA for providing a wealth of opportunities for information, inspiration and ideas, as well as the opportunity to meet new suppliers, customers and partners in a centralized space. Benjamin Lichter from Saarbrücken, Germany summarizes many observations and highlights that environmental responsibility is now a priority.

"Our visitor base and the enormous spending power of a broad international audience together provide strong evidence of a rebound in our global community. We are seeing a return of confidence, inspiring business leaders to invest, and to resume business travel, in-person events and in-person networking. , they know it will bring them real value," concluded FESPA CEO Neil Felton.
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