What is RIP(Raster Image Processor) Software?

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What is RIP(Raster Image Processor) Software?

When you first saw the word “RIP”, you might guess that it means “rest in peace”. But in the printing sector, RIP is the short write of the raster image processor.
RIP software is an indispensable part of digital printing machines, but what is RIP software? This article will answer some questions about RIP software.

1. What is RIP software?
It is an interpreter, which is used to interpret the layout information described by the page language, convert it into data information available for output, and output it to the specified device. RIP needs to convert page text descriptions into high-quality glyph information during the conversion process. Make picture descriptions quick to implement. 
RIP software is often used in the process of inkjet printing. Its principal function is to interpret various images, graphics, and text in the computer into dot matrix information that the inkjet printing machine can record, and then control the printing machine to record the image dot matrix information on the fabric. 
RIP software can be used to control the precision, color, speed, and printing format of the printing machine, which is the key to maintaining the quality of inkjet printing.

RIP is also the key to directly reflecting the openness of the system. Therefore, whether RIP conforms to the PostScript standard, depends on whether it can interpret PS files generated by various application software, and whether it can be screened. There are many different algorithms for the network, and each RIP manufacturer has its own network algorithm. Different algorithms have different effects. Different screening speeds result in different shapes of dot rosettes, which are mainly caused by the slight differences in the number of screening lines, screen angles, and dot shapes. If the screen angle is to be accurate, and the screen line number is close to the standard value, it often costs a lot of calculation, and the interpretation speed is correspondingly reduced. Therefore, the screening algorithm of RIP directly affects the image quality and output speed.

2.Common RIP software of digital fabric printing machine

Most of the RIP software on the market is suitable for printing, advertising and inkjet printing, only some are for textile inkjet printing. The main difference between these two types of RIP software is that most of the former are single-printed, and there is no connection and repetition of flower patterns; while the latter adds continuous functions such as color separation, repetition and dislocation of flower back units, etc., according to the characteristics of textile printing patterns.
2.1 MainTop

MainTop software is a RIP software designed and developed by China focusing on digital printing. The products involve typesetting printing, newspaper publishing, pattern anti-counterfeiting, variable data printing, database form processing, and printer monitoring and management. MainTop's products are widely used in advertising inkjet printing, color management, printing and publishing, enterprise centralized printing, office printing, certificate bills, and other fields.

  • RIP speed of pictures is fast
  • powerful typesetting function,
  • widely used in the Chinese market.

The operation of PhotoPrint is as simple as the software for fools, and it can be used with almost no training. There is even a saying that those who have used a computer have basically used PhotoPrint. Although the function is relatively small, it is indeed sufficient for ordinary users.
Easy Typesetting
Powerful spot color channel data processing capability

2.3 RIIN
RIIN is an image editing, typesetting, and output software created by Hansen Software, and it is an upgraded version of UltraPrint RIP. It has a self-developed FullColor color processing engine (standard ICC), and digital halftone technology (dot/screen/screen). The RIIN interface is flexible and simple to operate and can support multiple formats of pictures, multiple languages, true colors, and a high degree of natural restoration.
Easy Typesetting 

2.4 NeoStampa
Neostampa is the control software for industrial digital belt printing machines.With the integrated tool NeoControl in NeoStampa, it is possible to monitor the ink consumption of the printer at any time, calculate the cost of current or pending print jobs, and print and manage the cost of printing
Easy Typesetting 
mostly used in direct printing machine
Directly use RGB picture

2.5 Caldera
Caldera is a software company that provides solutions that help in processes associated with operating systems like DOS and Linux. The company was based in the U.S but is now headquartered in Strasbourg, France.
Just suit for MacOS and debinOS
Powerful spot color channel data processing capability
ICC curve-making process is very complicated

2.6 Wasatch
Wasatch Computer Technology is a software company that creates products and solutions related to digital image processing and printing. The company is famous for its SoftRIP family of products including RIP and Print Management software for printing applications ranging from sign and poster to film positives to photo labs.
It is advertised as the easiest RIP software on the market
Easy Typesetting and correcting color 

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