What is DTG, What are the requirements of DTG for patterns?

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  DTG uses inkjet printing, and the pigment enters the fabric when it is formed, which breaks the limitations of ordinary screen printing and sudden color printing, and any picture can be produced and printed. DTG is generally best printed on white pure T-shirts, which can achieve the requirements of no hand feel and no color difference, and the cost is also the lowest. The ink used in DTG is the pigment ink, so the brightness can be lower than that of glue printing, but the color effect of the picture can be deepened and the brightness of the picture can be improved by spraying twice. The color of the picture that has been sprayed twice is darker than that of the one sprayed once, but the hand feel will be relatively poor. After all, an extra layer of paint is sprayed, the printed fabric will be slightly harder, and the cost is relatively high. So whether to spray once or twice depends on the picture and the specific requirements of the customer.

Advantages of DTG:
1. One piece minimum order:
One piece minimum order is definitely a great benefit for many businesses or individuals who need small batches of customized T-shirts. Before that, if the screen printing T-shirts were small batches The cost of customization is very high, and in many cases, only one or two T-shirts are needed. Obviously, many manufacturers are unwilling to customize. It has become a truly achievable service, and the purchase price for the buyer is also much lower. Digital printing technology is as convenient as using a printer, and you can print the pattern you want to print from the computer to the clothes at any time. In the traditional printing method, the laser imagesetter is used to produce the film first, and then complex processes such as screen printing and printing plate printing are required, which is basically impossible to achieve personalized customization. The sublimation method is similar to digital printing, and it can also realize the function of single-piece customization.

2. Good hand feels:
Some patterns with slightly richer colors will have a very obvious glue feeling if they are printed with glue, and they will feel harder, so they will be more airtight, but the hand feeling of digital direct-injection T-shirts it is good. This is the biggest advantage of digital printing because the ink particles of digital printing are extremely fine and can reach nanometer level, so they can easily penetrate into the fiber gap of the fabric, which has fastness without affecting the softness and comfort of the fabric itself. characteristics.

3. Can easily show complex patterns and colors:
We often see many T-shirts with very complex patterns, very good colors, and very three-dimensional, so this is most likely to be the DTG process. Digital direct-injection T-shirt printing uses the micro-piezoelectric print head of an inkjet printer. A new printing process that sprays textile-specific ink on the surface of the fabric and penetrates into the interior of the fiber to fix the color. This printing method subverts the traditional printing process that has been passed down for thousands of years in the past. It can directly control the printing through the computer, which is convenient and quick and can show richer colors and more details.

DTG T-shirt image requirements:
1. The image requirements are the actual size, such as: to print A4 size, the image size in PS cannot be less than A4;
2. The image resolution requirement is 300dpi or above;
3. It is not suitable for printing on dark T-shirts On the other hand, DTG generally works best on white cotton bottom shirts, which can fully meet the requirements of no hand feel and no color difference, and the cost is also the lowest. In addition, the color requirement for the bottom shirt is preferably a white T-shirt. Light-colored clothes other than white, light-colored T-shirts (light pink, light blue, light yellow) are also acceptable, and dark clothes are also acceptable, but the process is more complicated. The printing process on dark clothes is similar to that of light colors, except that the process of printing white ink is more. Because the ink printing on the dark fabric will be affected by the background color of the clothes, the color display effect of the pattern will be much worse, so white ink will be sprayed once.

DTG T-shirt washing precautions:
1. It should be noted that when washing, do not soak in hot water, soapy water, and other alkaline water for more than half an hour, and do not rub with a washing board or a brush. When washing, you can put some salt in the water, and then rinse it with clean water. It is best to wash it gently with water for the first time.
2. When washing, do not scrub the printed part hard and do not wash it with water exceeding 30 degrees. When machine washing, the T-shirt should be turned over so that the pattern is turned inside for washing.

  Therefore, there are many advantages of DTG T-shirts, but there are also some disadvantages, such as the above-mentioned high requirements for pictures, high requirements for bottom shirt fabrics, insufficient brightness, etc. Therefore, when choosing a T-shirt printing process, you still need to choose according to your needs.
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