What is DTF print?

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What is DTF print?

The random scalding paintings were widely circulated abroad and Europe, and in recent years, it has gradually emerged in China. In the early stages of DTF, it is better to say that it is hot, mainly because of some timely promotional slogans and identifiers, lifelike pattern design. With the development trend of economic development and the development of social development, novices have become more and more personalized, plus the development trend of electronic information technology, and the development and design of professional software. This is based on the field of random painting. There is no doubt that it is like a fish. Nowadays, DTF clothing has long been formed in Europe and the United States, and it has become Shixun's casual clothing. Because of its simple printing technology and convenient actual operation, the economic development of the required raw materials can be widely used in knitted T -shirts, denim fabrics, velvet, small toys, shoes, shoulder bags, various polyester caps, etc. Sample polyester hat and so on. It can be migrated to the fabric with a hot printer, which can be used to produce industrial production and convenient for people. Performing printing can be divided into polyurethane bubbles, cracked stamping, penetration of scalding, color pearl hot prints, laser hot prints, velvet cloth hot prints, back light scalding, gold and silver hot prints, and water -soluble scalding.

Bubble plastic DTFs: unique level, high extension rate, migration safety, clear pattern design, colorful color. Infiltration of DTFs: thin ink layer, breathability, clear and meticulous, the overall actual effect is of course real. Ke -style DTFs: The pattern is exquisite and exquisite in actual effects. With the actual effect of Ke -style photos, it can maintain the style and style of the original novel. Water hot: Applicable a variety of fabrics, good waterproof, good flexibility. Gold and silver DTFs: light shining, suitable for knitted T -shirts and shoulder bags. The hot seal began in the UK and has a long history and traditional style, because its printing technology is simple, the actual operation is convenient, and the colorful beads hot print: The design of the pattern is composed of colorful beads, especially suitable for fashion women's clothing and children's children's clothing; laser hot printing: colorful laser device Graphic design. Velvet cloth DTF: The design of the pattern is the actual effect of the velvet cloth;

The basic principles and use of DTF:

The technical nature of hot printing is widely used in the field of packaging and printing. At this stage, clothing and metal material photos are also used. The technical nature of hot printing is very easy to learn and train, and it cannot be improved, and misunderstandings are caused because they do not understand. Basic theory of hot printing is not difficult: output the image to the transfer paper, and then transfer the paper with moderate temperature and work pressure to different raw materials, it looks very simple, but it is not! Many DTF shop errors mistakenly! The rate is high, and you can't find it for the sake. The printed yourself is used, but it is likely to open the "common fault exhibition of T -shirt packaging printing" after a period of operation.

Part of the packaging printing is very simple, but the large -scale well -proportioned is technical. The transfer paper interface of DTF is very important, which is the production process of DTF paper. If the temperature is too low, it cannot be adhered. If the temperature is too high, the pattern design will faint or burn. And some DTFs have purchased 1,000 more diversified DTF machines, and have been packaged and printed in uneven or unstable quality. In fact, the heating process heating system software is different, is the temperature? Is it related to the quality of the DTF, a good problem of the work pressure and the thickness of the raw materials at one time. It can be seen from the above that one penny and one penny can be seen. , Gold carving silver carving photos, floor tiles, mezzanine glass, wood texture log version ... There are no printed, no non -profit.

What is transfer paper?  How many categories?

The transfer paper can be designed with a color printer to output the pattern to be scalded, and then printed on the clothes.

The key is divided into light -colored transfer paper and dark brown transfer paper.

Light -colored transfer paper is suitable for packaging printed light and other light -colored clothes and pants; dark brown transfer paper is suitable for packaging printing gray -black and other dark brown clothes pants.

What is hot transfer paper?

Poly printing paper is to print the pattern on the transfer paper. When you need to print, you can transfer the paper immediately. There are a variety of printed pattern design to choose from.

What kind of black ink should be used with transparent paper printing and pants? Do you apply hot transfer ink?

When printing with transfer paper, printing paper is printed, and the moisture -proof black ink is stronger. If you print it with hot transfer ink, just print it on the inkjet printer copy paper, you need to use unique clothes pants.

Why is the image of the hot transfer process ink transfer paper on the T -shirt?

The image of the transfer paper to the T -shirt is light, and the key is the following:

(1) The quality problem of transferring paper products can be changed to a black ink;

(2) The problem of inkjet printer copy paper, there are some inkjet printer copy paper cannot be completely transferred to the paper image, and the inkjet printer copy paper with a unique coating can be selected;

(3) The connection between the temperature and time of transferring paper is also a difficult problem for the actual operation method. If the time is too short and the temperature is not enough, the ink is not transferred enough, which is also the key to the color elimination;

(4) Selection of T -shirt fabrics, if you transfer paper on all cotton fabrics, the color will be lighter, which is also decided by the fabric's level of suction of black ink. If the transparent paper is on the chemical fiber fabric, the color will be gorgeous.

What is the dyeing fastness and cleaning of paper clothes and pants?

The sun is not easy to get back. If the acid and alkali of water are not too high, the water cleaning is generally not easy to return, but it cannot be soaked for a long time.

Maintenance methods after transferring t -shirts and cotton textiles.

① The T -shirt that just transferred to paper will be a bit hard, and it will become loose.

② New production and processing T -shirts can be washed 2 hours. Turn your clothes to the back to wash.

③ No need to rub the surface layer of the T -shirt pattern with hands (the surface raw material of the pattern design is not easy to adhere to stains).

④ Do not use a detergent with bleaching liquid.

⑤ Use warm boiling water or cool water at 40 ° C.

⑥ Do not use automatic washing machines as much as possible.

⑦ After washing, you cannot dehydrate with a dryer.

⑧ Of course dry, do not twist clothes, pants, and do not take T -shirts.

 If the clothes and pants must be ironed, you can use medium temperature vapor to blanch after drying (the collagen -ray fiber is not suitable for high temperature and hot, to prevent the tissue structure of the destruction of the collagen fiber, which harms the actual effect of the ductility of the clothes and pants). Suitable for immediately hot.

After being scalded, you do n’t have to stuff your clothes into the narrow indoor space. You can use the clothes rack suspension or sharing to maintain the whole clothes.

Transfer ink+copper paper printing clothes pants and transfer paper+general ink printing clothes and pants? There is also a cost fee?

The cost of the two is similar. There will be a layer of glue on the clothes with transparent paper and hot printing paper.

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