The Future of DTF

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What is DTF?
First of all, what is DTF, DTF is direct-to-film, and then glued to the clothes by powder, DTF is more durable and brighter than the current mature technology DTG, and it is more convenient to operate. Compared with the silkscreen, DTF technology is more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and the product update rate is faster. For some companies that need faster product development, DTF can achieve faster product updates and production. Fashion start-ups focused on sustainability are often turning to inkjet textile technology to produce their printed designs.
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The future of DTF technology
In the context of Covid-19, DTF technology was born at this time. In the case of declining demand for clothing production globally, DTF has bucked the trend. Our company develops sales at an annual rate of 30%. In the context of global economic recovery, the demand for DTF will gradually increase, and the technology of DTF will also be improved accordingly. The willingness of companies to influence consumers has been confirmed in the printing industry. Beginning in 2020, e-commerce stores, print service providers, and consumers will become simpler than ever. The simplification of the relationship between the three makes people pay more attention to the future of the printing industry. From customer network customization to manufacturer order production to machine suppliers, their relationship has now become inseparable. As of March 2023, more than 60,000 printing equipment have been installed worldwide. This number is expected to rise by 20% by the end of 2023 as the global economy recovers.

DTF is fast

Compared with the current screen printing, the biggest advantage of DTF is that it can quickly customize patterns with DTF, which cannot be achieved by screen printing. With the current update speed of social media such as TikTok and Facebook, screen printing cannot keep up with their speed. DTF can directly cooperate with real-time hotspots for printing creation, bringing more traffic and orders to your store.
Compared with DTG, it needs to pre-treatment the cloth, while DTF does not. This means that there are fewer process steps for pigment printing if no pre-treatment is required, and print service providers can reduce the time to market. In addition, energy-intensive auxiliary equipment, a prerequisite for reactive printing, is costly to operate and takes up valuable floor space compared to pigment processes. Secondly, DTG has high requirements for fabric pre-treatment, and human error in processing will lead to an effect on the finished product.

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Environmental Issues

There is an environmental protection issue that the government and people are most concerned about. DTF is a new sustainable development technology. Compared with the traditional screen printing process and DTG, DTF does not pollute water resources, and printing through a print head saves energy and avoids manual operation errors. Finally, the pattern is printed on the clothes by a heat press machine, which is easy to operate and does not produce exhaust gas and pollution. The traditional screen printing process requires cleaning and pigment printing to make the final product. This process will generate a lot of water pollution and pigment waste. DTG has a fabric pre-treatment process, which may pollute water resources. Therefore, DTF is currently the most environmentally friendly member of digital printing.

Industry Trends

In the future, people will be more willing to see DTF products with bright colors and much easier production than screen printing and DTG. Nowadays, there have been many DTF printers available for home use. With media promotion and customer experience discovery, this technology will enter the eyes of more people. In the future, not only manufacturers will produce DTF products, but more people will use DTF for personalized customization. We believe that the total number of digital printing will occupy 30% of the printing market in the next ten years, and will exceed the market share of screen printing in two decades.

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